Well, I am glad that the pictures got to you. I hope that they will entice you to get your butt down here sometime.

I was leafing through a GQ at the PC office (we were looking for pictures for the tri-monthly magazine that we publish for volunteers here). I came across an article on ND and football. It was not all that well-written, but cool. And, then on the last page, there was a picture of you and O'Connor coming out of the tunnel. Your faces were not as prominent as good ole' Jim Sanson's, but still, I knew it was you. To make a long story short, in La Paz, I live with 6 girls (it was ten, but 4 moved out). Needless to say, they have decorated the place in a girl manner. So, I took control of one wall (The Man Wall). You should be proud to know that you and Oak sit atop (right next to the ads for TLC's "Junkyard Wars" TV series).

I spent three days in my site. It was incredibly beautiful but wet. I decided to live at the top of this hill in a town that is almost abandoned. Really nice views of the valley. But it is a haul up the road. My 150lb bag was quite a workout and in the rain worse. It rains every day for most of the day, but the townsfolk have promised me that in April/August it will be sunny and warmer. Kind of strange: Living this close to the equator in summer and having it be colder than in late fall and winter. The last few times I've been down there, it snows at the mountain pass at noon, but clear during the day.

Work has picked up for me too. However, I would expect you to not suffer through the delays that I already foresee. The people that wrote the plan did not account for rainy season. We are supposed to build an adobe center before April, but you can't make adobes in the rainy season.

Write back soon. Love to hear some more stories from Lakeside...Uno did move to Chi-town. I loved the stories about those girls. If you see them again, tell them I said, "Hello." I'm sure that they'll be thrilled.