Well, I tired to send you something last week-donīt know if it worked (if it did please excuse the same news).

Glad to hear that things seem to be getting under way for you. Austin sounds like a wild town. I was watching a movie here and a preview for Coyote Ugly came on (weīre only a couple months behind in movies). I thought of your tail; drinks may be expensive but the price is worth the entertainment.

Things are going as slowly here as they were for you a few weeks ago-I still have not been out to my site. I hope to start in earnest before Christmas...but there is word that there will be more civil unrest before Christmas-hopefully not.

Any plans for the Bowl Game? It should be exciting if ND gets to go to a big one-I would love to see (or read about) ND play Miami. I remember last year or the year before, we were watching Miamiīs resurgence with some interest in a matchup like this. I donīt like hearing about VTech-Vick is hurt, but maybe then we will win a bowl game.

Not much else here, have some "all-Vollunteer conference" this week. Did not want to go-sick of moving around-but it happens only every two years.

I hope you and your folks have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Hope to hear from you soon.