So, Oak,

You're chilling in the Bend. How is living on your own? Must be a nice break after living with those guys last year (I'd imagine that you are not receiving all that many empty packages with notes advising against having any weed seeds sent to you).

How is Nebo? I've e-mailed him a couple of times-think he must be real busy. It sounds like quite a cool thing that you will have going next semester. Wish I were around to enjoy some drinks.

Your sources about my health have been correct. However, it iwas just digestive problems, rite of initiation for all PC volunteers.

If you are looking for something to do, you should come on down. Flights to Peru are about $300 and we can take a trip to Machu Pichu. The place were I ma living is pretty damn beautiful, too. They have gravity-assisted mountain biking down the road-it drops from 15,000 ft above sea level to 3,000 ft in a couple of hours. Real green at the bottom.

Not much news yet with my work. Lot of patience required-more than I have.

That's it. Take it easy and get back to me sometime soon.