You should know that I am bored as you will be soon. My assignment is moving along a snail´s pace.

I had heard similar horror stories from Tribe about his work and BJ´s. Apparently, BJ has to get to work by 6:45 to get a computer.

Things here are slow, but interesting, nonetheless. I sat through a 4 hour workshop on things I learned in training. I was impressed with myself. I have giardia-which is an horrible affliction. It was all in Spanish and I understood some 90%-looks like Peace Corps Training pays off. I did fall asleep once, but all these old-timers were too...and we all know that although I have the maturity level of 10 yr-old, I have the body of a 60 yr-old. I have lost some 30 lbs. and if these stomach illnesses keep coming, I should lose a lot more. The doctor was explaining to us (this guy´s a cut-up) that most men will lose weight while the girls gain it-ALL-CARB Super diet. (You should see some of these girls-thought ND girls were ugly and out of shape). He then went on to explain that some volunteers lose over 50lbs (one some 90lbs), but, and I quote, "They could afford to lose it."

Glad to hear that you and Katie can see a lot of each other. Pass along a "hello, how the hell are ya!" to her for me. Should we return to the states-Iwould still qualify for non-competitive federal job status. Not that they would hire me. Should that fall through-you will come home from work one day and find me on your steps.

That´s it for now. Have a great Christmas-tell your parents I was asking, and I hope you decide to go to the bowl game-that is contingent upon it being a good one.