I hate to be the one raining on your parade, but it is much more fun when one is some 5,000 miles away. But, what if, the Irish arenīt invited (possibly because some bowl exec realizes that Davie sucks and that the Irish fans are sell-outs-both things I have read in your commentaries)? Will we demean ourselves by accepting an invitation to the Gator? Hell, if we do, why donīt we just move the university there?

First of all, yes, it was a good season. And, yes, all of Davieīs claims that he did not have the horses before might be valid. I remember, as well as all of you guys do, that when he came to talk to us in Spring 99, he said that the ī99 team was a year away from competing in the big time. He was right. This team has more talent (although Raki Nelson graduated and Tony Driver is not running the ball). It also has more composure. Yes, Judas, who would have thunk it: a 9-2 season after losing your starting quarterback in the second game. To show my good faith, I have placed a half-monthīs salary on NDmaking it to the Final Four--yeah, yeah, The NOSE knows that it is tiddly winks compared to his weekly salary. On with my grudge.

Davie has proven to me that he can recruit and he can evaluate talent. He might even be putting guys in their "correct" positions. However, he continues to make the mistakes that will prevent him from being a good coach (and a coach at ND much longer). His mistakes were so glaring last season. This season, the wins atone for the mistakes against Michigan St. (correct me if Iīm wrong-but blitzing eight on 4 & 15 from Stateīs 32 is not a good idea). Nebraska, he squandered an opportunity-maybe, a good idea with a second-string QB with less experience than the first string QB, who had 1 game.

He canīt make the right decisions in the coach. Half of the game is preparation. The other half is making decisions. Notre Dame does not tuck its tale at home against the then-#1.

So, we keep this clown; we give Tom Coughlin a year off to recuperate from the NFL. Then, we return to dominance. We see a four year stretch of beig unbeaten-do I have to remind you that Francis Leahy came to ND from BC.

Now, as for me, I have some other digestional problem-technically called, pissinī from oneīs own asshole. Something called Giardia.

There is also a slight chance I could be coming home. All of those political problems that were going on in late September, are coming back stronger in late December or early January. So, I might see you soon.

Kuder, what the hell have you been up to? Jalopy? Are things going well with your lady friends?

Some girl here has had a boyfriend that went to Gonzaga Prep...canīt remember his name.

Cheez, there is a really strange girl here from Cheesetown. Graduated in ī94...doesīnt know you. Stangely, she wears this really cool pair of Speech and Debate sweats...some kind of national champ.

The rest of you, thanks to those who have been keeping in touch. This forum is a real treat for me. And it gives Nixon a way to vent his sexually-frustration...he realizes, that his usual commentary could now damage his career. Anyone who feels like sending me a Christmas gift should know that I am accepting donations of cushiony toilet-paper.