Thanks so much for writing back so quickly. Mail is one of the great pleasures of Peace Corps service. How are things in the real world treating you? Work? Girls? Football?

I do miss all of it that we had for the past four years. Yet, there are many good things here. Just about every week, they bring in some older volunteers to speak with us. Their talks give us a much better idea of what we will be doing...although I still find myself confused. Their insight does light a bit of a fire inside which is a good feeling-something I havenīt felt at ND much the past few years.

I would really like to hear what the life is like in Chi-town. Do you see much of the ND crew? I can see why that might get old...but know that if you got away from it you would miss it very much.

How is Roger? He is probably getting his balls busted working for one of the big three. Isnīt Billy Boy Whatīs His Name Witchker working for the automotive industry.

For the first time since I arrived here, I feel busy. We just returned from a week long trip to the South West part of Bolivia. Pretty amazing. There are these two gigantic Salt Flats (remnants of a long-lost inland-sea). We slept in some small building on island covered in cacti in the middle of it. Later, we traveled to conduct some tourism development exercise to some god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere. Tourists are staying there as they had to on this common four-day trip. Unfortunately, not many of the people gain much benefit from their presence, and those that do donīt get much. Yet, the community seems very active and willing to try things to gain from their location. They showed us some ruins outside of town from some 1200 years ago. The people of this "town" lived in crazy rocks that looked like egg-shaped, giant rock cocoons. we saw some skeletons and some kind of ancient altar.

This week I travel to check out my site. Itīs in the cloud forests on the side of the Andes. Iīm real close to the capital (so get your but down here-life is real cheap-find a cheap flight-maybe next summer-if the slavemaster will let you out for a week or two).

Gotta go, Take it easy, and you and Rog find a Scorpion Bowl for me and remember 2 for 1,