Well, Tribe,

How the hell are things going with that chick? The chicks Ive met down here are cool, but I think that relationships are generally very hard to maintain in PC. Someone suggested that finding a PC "f$#$ buddy" is the way to go (as with everything else in Peace Corps it has its own acronym-PCFB). Dont know if Im all that interested.

I am now official a volunteer. We took the oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Not much else to tell you. Heading to my site for the first time in a week. Pretty nervous. Community is supposed to be very traditionally-minded, not too welcoming. La Paz, the city near my site, is real cool about 1,000,000 people. Its internet sucks so I wont be using it much-it is real costly. But expect some letters. My address there is: Cuerpo de Paz Casilla 1655 La Paz, Bolivia South America

Say hello to your folks, Roger, and any of the ND gang I would know.

Take great care of yourself. I hope the job is starting to work out better for you.