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Lobdell Poirier Award

Given by the Learning for Life organization (link), the Lobdell Poirier Award "is given to a youth participant who best exemplifies the spirit of the mock trial competition, as voted by his or her fellow student participants at the conclusion of competition. The award is named for two former youth participants, Tony Lobdell and Walter Poirier. This award helps to remember these exceptional young people and is awarded by you, the students, to the fellow competitor who best exemplifies sportsmanship and the spirit of competition."

(from email received from Emily Johnson at

I'm sure as you're aware, the Learning for Life National Mock Trial Competition has an award named for Walter. I just thought you would like to know who won the award this year. It is not me, but a person on my team. His name is Robbie Miller. He made more friends at this competition than I think any other person did. He truly deserved this award. I don't know if someone else has given you this news or not, but I took it upon myself to tell you.


Emily Johnson
Quincy, Michigan

2007 Mock Trial Competition Winners Announcement

Tony Lobdell was a member of the Indianapolis Mock Trial Teams for three years, from 1999 through 2001. During that time, Tony grew into an outstanding young litigator whose firm knowledge of the cases, as well as his natural and conversational speaking style, made him a very worthy competitor. However, it was Tony's efforts ourside the Mock Trial sessions that made him known and admired by all who encountered him. Tony never met a stranger and was always a leader in fostering and implementing friendships between different posts. He "got it". He understood what this competition is about; that is developing your personal potential and establishing bonds with students across the country, not winning rounds or awards. Sadly, Tony lost his life in an accident while studying in Argentina in April 2004.

Walter Poirier was a member of the Lowell team from 1993 to 1997. Walter had the type of personality that lights up a room. His exuberance and love of life was contagious. Walter went on to graduate from Notre Dame in 2001. Upon graduation, he passed on immediate financial success and decided to help the world's poor, joining the Peace Corps. While serving on assignment in Bolivia in 2001, Walter disappeared. After numerous investigations by the U.S. State Department and the Peace Corps, no sign of Walter was ever found. For those who met him, even for a short time, the memory of his joy for life remains.

(from the packet of information Learning for Life distributes to participants in this event)