That freshman football season there was plenty of drama on the field, but there was also some in the stands. Wally was always chanting "Shuga-Bowl" and "Warm up the bus!" in the stands. I remember one game where Wally had done a little tailgating and had to pee really bad, so he decided to (take care of business) in between two rows of the bleachers and let it flow. There was suddenly a commotion in our section, but Wally quickly zipped up and went back to the spot where he was standing. Some guy that was in R.O.T.C. started yelling at Wally, but Wally just clamored back at him. A few days later Wally was in trouble because of his actions. It seems that the R.O.T.C. guy wrote a letter to Student Affairs and Wally had to do some community service. Funny, I don't think Wally minded getting in trouble, because he enjoyed doing the community service. For him, it was like an added bonus rather than a punishment.