Wally and I hit it off pretty well from when we first met. We even had a few classes together including physics lab, where we decided to be lab partners. Our TA in that lab was an Asian grad student named Tony Lin. Tony was a pretty nice guy and usually very helpful except this one time when we were working on a motion problem. We had set the experiment up and were monitoring the readings on the computer. The computer would also take these readings and create a graph to show the path of the object. The group sitting in front of us was having some difficulties, so Tony went over to help them. As Tony bent over to help them, he farted right in our faces, we thought it was hilarious and Tony was quite embarrassed. What was really funny though, was that his fart had affected our experiment. The line on the graph was a perfectly straight line except for the moment when he farted. At the end of class, we had no other explanation for one point being severely different that the others that were along the same straight line. Therefore we circled that point and wrote on our lab form that at that very moment Tony Lin, our TA, had farted. We handed the lab into our professor and we were shocked when we received our lab form back after being graded. We had received a 100% on the lab and the professor had written ok next to our explanation of our graph.