I remember half-way through sophomore year when I started hanging around with Colleen, and Abby, and Erin - the girls from Lewis. They invited me to a dance and I really did not want to go. We had our first spring practice in the morning, so I did not want to drink at all and I did not want to stay out real late. Wally told me that he was going with Erin and we would go together and have a great time. So, I went and I had a great time. We dressed in crazy clothes and I wore a pair of bowling shoes. We went down to the dance and acted like asses, but no one cared and it was one of the most laid back and enjoyable dances I have ever been to. We shared a lot of laughs and I had a great time. I would end up going to several dances with Abby and each time Wally and I would walk over to Lewis together to pick up our dates. He would always invite me to join in on the 2B "shake" before a dance. 2B, was a very close-knit section with a great group of guys that always did their own thing, yet Wally always extended the invitation for me to join them. He was the main reason that I wanted to live in 2B as a senior.

As a junior, I remember Wally shaving his head and dressing up as Father Jim for Halloween. I never laughed so hard in my life, a few girls that were visiting freshmen across the hall from me thought he was really Father Jim.