Wally remained an integral part of my senior year as well. In the fall, we had an unbelievable adventure together. It was my 21st Birthday weekend and I had my best friend, Roger, from home and several of his frat buddies coming up to visit me. I had told all of the guys in 2B that I had some friends coming up, but no one, not even me was prepared for all of the excitement that happened in the two days that they were visiting. Roger and those guys showed up about 4pm on a Friday. I returned after the pep rally to find two drunk friends and my fridge filled with beer. They had apparently been drinking in my room and the six-man with Wally and some of the other guys. Wally returned from the liquor store with a bottle of Absolut that I chipped in with to bring to Erin, Colleen, and Katie at Castle Point. The girls were having a party for Katie's 21st birthday which was on Saturday. Wally had also bought a bottle of peppermint schnapps and Wally, Roger, Jason, and me proceeded to do several shots together before getting a ride over to the party.

The party started out slow, but my friends began to "spice it up a little." All of the guys were hammered, and Wally and I were well on our way. They had a piņata for Katie to knock down, but before they could blindfold her, my friend Roger snatched the pole out of her hand and knocked it open and then proceeded to tackle and wrestle with the piņata. Wally thought that was hilarious, he loved the fact that Roger and those guys did not have a care in the world. A lot of people at ND, were way too uptight and Wally hated when people acted that way. He has a knack for spotting uptight people from across the room. He then seeks them out and gets them to "loosen up" as only he can. His sarcasm is overwhelming, but his personality is so magnanimous. In college, he was almost larger than life. Each year freshmen would hear stories about this crazy guy that urinated in the stadium or wrote a sarcastic, but well-written letter to the observer, or another of his countless antics.

The following day, one of my friends was kicked out of the game in the first quarter, so he watched it in the six-man and drank a few beers. After the game, the rest of my friends stayed with Wally and others in the six-man and snuck into the dining hall with the help of Rob Pazornik. My friends were pretty rowdy and disrupted the Candlelight Dinner in North Dining Hall. That night Wally again ventured out with us to Turtle Creek and to Coach's where we continued celebrating my birthday! That was one of the most fun weekends in my four years of college, and it never could have been that much fun without Wally.