This next story is one that not many people know about. The summer after we graduated, Wally stayed in South Bend and lived in Castle Point with Judas. Roger and I decided to venture to South Bend for the weekend. We figured we would do a little golfing, a little boozing, and hopefully see Wally and others. We drove down and stayed with Abby in Castle Point. We had no idea where Wally lived, but Roger had this idea that we would find him and get him to go out with us. We wandered around Castle Point and ended up at the Clubhouse and explained that we had a friend living in Castle Point and we were trying to find him. After knocking on several wrong doors we finally knocked on the right one, Judas answered and Wally was delighted to see us. We ended up meeting up at Coach's that evening. We ran into several people we knew including Erik Kushto. Another guy that we spoke with was Javier Torborga (an ND tennis player from Bolivia). He was telling Wally about different clubs to go to and places to see in La Paz. We all were practicing our Spanish and Roger and Wally were trying to get Kushto to talk to a group of Latina girls that we thought were attractive. Wally was telling him different phrases to use, and at Roger's suggestion Wally told him to say to them, "Me caigo en mis pantalones." Which means I shit in my pants. Kushto went over and told them this and then that broke the ice with them and they came over and began to chat with us. It was a great night and we had such a great time together.