I think this one is from sophomore year. Although he wasn't able to pull this idea off, I guess its the thought that counts. That year Walsh hall decided to have a float parade before one of the pep rallies. In downtown South Bend there is this army surplus store called Fat Daddy's, and Wally decided that Zahm should buy a tank from this place and enter it in the parade.

So every day after class for about a week, I remember sitting in the Lodge (Korth and Hebert's room) while Wally would prank call this Fat Daddy's place. He'd call this crazy guy at the store, ask him if he was Fat Daddy, and then hang up. Then he would call back and ask the guy if there was a tank for sale, and supposedly this guy had an old tank that he was willing to sell.

I remember Wally telling us how great it would be if he was to get this tank and enter it in the contest just to make Walsh Hall angry. He said he would decorate it with a Zahm Hall flag, and he would wear an army hard hat and drive this thing right through the God quad.

It turns out that Wally did go down there and try to buy the tank, but the guy had gotten rid of it. But I can still picture how great it would have been to see a bunch of cheesy floats that said "Go Irish" or "Cavanaugh Hall" drive through the God Quad, and then have Wally, armed with an army uniform and a hard hat, drive his Zahm Hall tank through the God quad.

I can't think of another person who would have even attempted to pull that one off....