One of my favorite Wally stories was freshman year when he messed with Nixon's computer. Nixon's computer had a screen saver password, and only me and I think Cheez knew the password to get onto it. Wally would come in the room while Nixon was at class and try to get in, but he couldn't because of this password. So I gave Wally the password, and Wally recorded himself saying "Nixon you dirty -----" on Nixon's computer. Now I don't know how he did it, but somehow he set it up so that when Nixon would get on the computer, it would repeat the recording. So when Nixon comes back from class I'm sitting on my bed and Wally's hiding out in the hallway somewhere. As soon as Nixon gets on the computer, this loud recording "Nixon you dirty -----" would blare out of his computer. I still remember the look of shock on Nixon's face, and Wally rolling on the floor in laughter out in the hallway.