Freshman year, several of us in 2B decided to enter the Late Night Olympics in the kickball competition. Though we did not win the championship that year, we did play a team from Sorin whose pitcher was, by our consensus, a smarmy greaseball who bounced the ball too much when pitching. Justice was served, though, when we won the game and put that guy out of our minds...for a while. A couple of months later, the tickets for student body president and vice-president were announced, and that very pitcher, Matt Szabo, was running for president. Always having the best interests of the Notre Dame community at heart, Wally knew that Szabo would just not make a good president. Knowing that Szabo's campaign promise to destroy Stepan Center was trivial at best, and more importantly the reputation Zahm Hall had around campus, Wally made a sign on a bedsheet to hang out of his window the day of the election. The sign simply said,

Szahm (heart) Szabo (heart with line through it) Stepan

Of course, the rest of campus took this to be an endorsement of Szabo by our dorm, and voted against him for that reason. Szabo himself even stopped by Wally's room to ask him to take the sign down -- not knowing at the time who lived in that room. When he found out that it was indeed Wally's doing, Szabo tried to act all friendly and ask for the sign as a souvenir of the election. I'm not sure what exactly Wally said to him, but it was a diplomatic way of saying "---- off." The sign waved proudly over North Quad, and Wally read the election results in the paper the next day with a huge smile on his face, knowing that his mission had succeeded.