Football Saturdays at ND are of course unparalleled, and Wally brought his own kind of fun to campus. One of his favorite things to do was find little kids, about five to ten years old, and just ask them questions about the game. He would walk around the stadium and ask some kid, "Where's the stadium?" Most of the time the kid would just point to the stadium and look at Wally like he was some kind of idiot, which I think was the whole point, but one kid was a little different. Standing not more than 50 feet from the stadium, Wally asked him the usual "Can you tell me where the stadium is?" The kid had a map of campus and studied it for a while, pointing out the various landmarks, and ended up pointing directly away from the stadium. The thing was, he was dead serious and believed with every ounce of his being that the stadium was in the direction he pointed. Wally thanked him and walked away, taking only a few steps before falling down in laughter.

The first football game of each season is always even more exciting, especially when it's against a big rival such as Michigan, who had won half the national championship the year before. Such was the case our junior year, and the ESPN analysts including the infamous Lee Corso were on campus to do their live pregame show. Wally woke up that morning at around 7:00 to paint his body blue and start walking around campus. He found the ESPN trailers and happened to see Corso there, so he picked up an orange parking cone for him to autograph. He wrote, "Go Irish! Lee Corso" and took a picture with Wally -- Wally wanted to give him a big hug and smear blue paint all over his dress shirt, but Corso managed to dodge that one. Anyway, they went their separate ways -- until Corso went on the air, and picked Michigan to beat Notre Dame! Of course this prediction was not popular with anyone around the set, least of all Wally, who screamed to anyone within earshot, "Corso's a ------' hypocrite! He wrote Go Irish on my cone and then picked Michigan to win! Corso's a hypocrite!" After ND thumped the Wolverines 36-20, Wally vowed to find Corso and (implant the cone forcibly)." This began his, and the section's, vendetta against Corso, which continued during the Gator Bowl trip after the season. During dinner at a Jacksonville Hooters, Wally noticed a cardboard cutout of Lee Corso which proclaimed him the "king of college football." So after the meal, he and McGee orchestrated a quick theft of the cutout, which did indeed require good timing since it was a stand-up display about four feet around. The picture made it back to the six-man and was a great target for throwing darts!