The voice mail system at ND was designed so that if you entered the wrong password about eight times in a row, your mailbox would be shut down until you got the password reset. This was supposed to be for your own protection, but Wally figured out a way to make it a great means of punishment. He figured out how to dial into somebody else's mailbox from his phone, and of course not knowing their password he just had to enter eight passwords at random to disable the victim's voice mail. Nobody on campus was safe from this "terror," and anything from writing an offensive article in the Observer to brown-nosing in class to basically looking at Wally cross-eyed would set him off. One time a girl named Kim Hawn got under his skin for one reason or another, and he set off to lock her out of her voice mail. Well, on his first try to enter an incorrect password, he typed in 1-2-3-4-5, which actually was her password! Not only did this enable him to change her password so that she would lock herself out the next time she tried to get in, but he changed her message so that anyone who called her would hear Wally's falsetto, saying, "Hi, this is Kim Hawn...and I'm a (dumb), (dumb) (girl)!"

As the lock-out became more and more powerful over the years, Wally set his sights on bigger targets. During Frosh-O our junior year, a group of freshmen from Fisher threw Papa John's garlic sauce on the walls of Zahm Hall. Needless to say, this infuriated every Zahmbie and Wally decided to do something about it. So he went through the phone book, page by page, and wrote down the number of every single Fisher resident! He then called a section meeting and handed out the lists of phone numbers like a general distributing his battle plans. Thanks to Wally, everyone in 2B played a part in locking an entire dorm out of their voice mail!